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video 65: dextro[dot]org (video) - Chris Arrell (audio)

video 65

video 65
commissioned by the Alte Schmiede

download recommended for higher quality

Of Three Minds performed by Tony Arnold and Jacob Greenberg
(Chris Arrell, live processing)

Of Three Minds play

First Prize: Lee and Ettelson Composer’s Award (Composers, Inc.)

Icarus performed by Slawomir Dobrzanski

Icarus play



upcoming and recent

Silver Riot for fixed media
released on Electronic Masters Vol. 4 (Ablaze Records)
January 2016

video 65—MIT European Short Film Festival
(Cambridge, Massachusetts)
25-26 September 2015

video 65—Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
(Lausanne, Switzerland)
14-18 October 2015

video 65—EMM 2015
(Kansas City, USA)
20 November 2015

video 65—Metro Kinokulturhaus / Filmarchiv Austria
Asifa Austria Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration (Vienna)
23 November 2015

video 65—Asifa Austria Award - Best Austrian Animation
(Film Casino, Vienna)
3 December 2015

new trio for College of the Holy Cross Artists-in-Residence
Saul Bitran, Jan Müller-Szeraws, and Adam Golka
College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA)
9 February 2016

Altamira Evocations (clarinet solo)—
Society of Composers Region VI Conference

(Friends University)
11-13 February 2016

Stitch (percussion ensemble)—
Society of Composers Region III Conference

(Marshall University)
25-27 February 2016

UC-Berkeley lecture
11 March 2016

new work for Lisa Leong & electronics
C4NM (San Francisco)
12 March 2016

new work for Tony Arnold, Jacob Greenberg & electronics
College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA)
19 April 2016